Why daily leadership matters

Why daily leadership matters

Studies show there’s a shortage of great leaders – and yet everyone wants to be one. Where’s the disconnect? And how can we make a change?

Millennial leaders at work

Leadership has a problem.


Actually, a few of them. 

Studies show that nearly 6 out of 10 managers have never even received management training. Nearly 7 of 10 employees would rather have a new boss than a raise. Can this really be a coincidence?

And it appears to be getting worse, not better. While more than 90 percent of Millennials want to become leaders, more than 70% of are unhappy with how their leadership skills are being developed at work.

These statistics paint a dire, but undeniable, picture. By 2025 Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce – and yet they don’t know how to lead. 

And by many measures, neither did the generation before them. The standard way to address leadership training is to send people on intensive courses – for a week, a weekend, maybe even just a day. And these trainings can be incredibly educational and inspiring – but then the attendees go back to work and don’t have time to implement what they learned, and quickly forget. In fact, adults only remember about 10 percent of what they hear in lectures.

If only 10 percent is remembered, how much of that will actually be implemented at work?

It makes sense, actually. When you go to the gym, you don’t expect to see instantaneous results, do you? If you want to lose weight, you don’t go on an extreme diet for a single weekend and think you’re done. 

Or, as communication and leadership guru Simon Sinek says, “If you go to the dentist twice a year, your teeth will fall out. You have to brush your teeth every day for two minutes.”

Leadership is a habit. Leadership is a muscle. And it only gets stronger with regular practice. Intensity is good – but consistency is better. 

And that’s why we created Yomento. Because it’s something that we wanted. Something we needed. A way of taking things into our own hands. Something we’re passionate about, that we really believe can make a difference: a quick, accessible, digital way to practice leadership each day on the job. 

Some of us are seasoned leaders, with decades of experience. Some of us are rather new to this – driven Millennials eager to improve ourselves, but frustrated with the lack of tools and resources available. Together we make a powerful, determined team, with the expertise of decades of leadership studies, and the perspective and energy of a new generation native to the digital age. We’re here to make a difference. 

Brushing your teeth for two minutes every day is meaningless unless you do it every day. The same applies to leadership. We believe that if we make leadership simple to practice, in bite-sized tasks that are easy to fit into even the most hectic of schedules, the results over time will speak for themselves. 

And they do.

An incredible 95% of our members say that they have become better leaders thanks to Yomento. 

Think of Yomento as your personal leadership trainer. Or perhaps your leadership toothbrush. We’re here to help you succeed…a little bit day by day.

To empower you. To empower others. 

Leadership is developed daily, not in a day


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